Belated-ass NEW MUSIC announcement!

I think we’ve neglected this part of our online presence, and since I know all of you sit at your computers refreshing every day, we apologize. But we’re here now to announce that we’ve recently released two EPs! Our latest is Modern Luxury, with 5 new songs that will without a single doubt knock your god damn socks off:



The other EP we released is a B-sides and rarities collection, including a previously unreleased cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Eraser” that was originally recorded for a tribute album that never made it off the ground:


Now that we’ve pushed these latest EPs out, expect some shows coming up soon and possibly, maybe, hopefully, most likely putting out some new vinyl as well. Enjoy!


20 Sided Holidaze

Kick ass time with the 20 Sided crew at Amnesia last night! Balms and Couches, top notch. Santa’s got nothing on that much rock for $3.

We’ll be back in 2015 with a new record!

Much Loud. So Fuzz.

Just announced! Come see us 10/8 at DNA Lounge in San Francisco with one of our favorite bands, Ringo Deathstarr, before we head south on tour.

We’ll raise our arms to an empty sky

Hey, ever wonder where our album title came from? We recorded a few tracks that didn’t end up making sense during sequencing, and one of those was “Shake the Trees”. The album name ended up coming from the chorus!

“Shake the Trees” landed on the latest issue of our label’s annual comp. Check it out below, and score a free copy of the comp at any of our shows or with purchase of the 12″.

Preorder our record!

Preorder for “All Teeth and Nails”, out next week, is now live on Bandcamp!

We’re performing on KZSU on Aug.21

One Hundred Percent has been invited to perform on KZSU next Wednesday, August 21st for the Wednesday Night Live feature.  Enjoy a FREE concert from the comfort of your home (pants optional).  If you’re in the Bay area and still own a radio transmitter, tune in to 90.1FM.  Otherwise you can stream the show via web by clicking HERE.  Show starts at 9pm!

It’s On

We are happy to announce that we will be joining 20 Sided Records for the release of our first full length album.  Thanks to David Mitchell along with the rest of the 20 sided crew for welcoming us in to this kick ass label.  We are finalizing details on the booking of our record release show to coincide with a week long tour this fall.  Updates will come as soon as we have news!

20 sided logo

Album Update

We’re in the final phases of the album, working hard on the last of the mixes, as well as the cover art and also trying to come up with a name. It’s an exciting time for us, getting ready to release our debut full length album. It’s the culmination of a year of writing/practicing/gigging/recording/jamming/riffing/etc.

Once this is wrapped up, we’ll be back out playing more shows. Until then, enjoy this sneak peak!

100% Album Teaser 2 from One Hundred Percent on Vimeo.

Recording underway!

It has been a over a year in the making…

We are officially postponing all practices, shows, showers, etc. until the album is complete!  We’re excited to be finalizing songs that we have been playing for a year along with songs we have just written.  Everything is sounding great so far.  Enjoy this tease…

One Hundred Percent 2013 album teaser from One Hundred Percent on Vimeo.

It’s Compilation Season Mothereffers!


We have two singles coming out this summer on compilations from Tricycle Records and 20Sided Records, two extremely awesome local labels. We can’t spill the beans just yet but one song is new and the other is such a dramatic reworking of an older favorite that it may as well be.

We’re also booking shows! Look for us at Bottom of the Hill in August and Thee Parkside in September for the 20Sided release party. Stoked!

EP 2 is out!

We just dropped our second EP! Titled EP 2. Appropriate eh? 4 songs, recorded all by ourselves in our practice space and Ryan’s house. Free download at