Album Update

We’re in the final phases of the album, working hard on the last of the mixes, as well as the cover art and also trying to come up with a name. It’s an exciting time for us, getting ready to release our debut full length album. It’s the culmination of a year of writing/practicing/gigging/recording/jamming/riffing/etc.

Once this is wrapped up, we’ll be back out playing more shows. Until then, enjoy this sneak peak!

100% Album Teaser 2 from One Hundred Percent on Vimeo.

Recording underway!

It has been a over a year in the making…

We are officially postponing all practices, shows, showers, etc. until the album is complete!  We’re excited to be finalizing songs that we have been playing for a year along with songs we have just written.  Everything is sounding great so far.  Enjoy this tease…

One Hundred Percent 2013 album teaser from One Hundred Percent on Vimeo.